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Welcome to Ultimate Life Designer's "Effortless Riches" program, where we believe that every woman has the power to manifest financial abundance and design a life of their dreams, all from the comfort of their own home. Say goodbye to the traditional 9-5 grind and embrace a new, empowering approach to creating wealth and prosperity.

Why this is the school for you

Achieve Life Goals

You can achieve any goal whether it is financial, health goal, or relationship goal with our systematic planned structure., which works very effectively to achieve any goal. Start your manifestation journey today.

Self Development

In self-development, you can learn discipline, & helpful behavior, which will lead you to success, happiness, & fulfillment in life. So start today your self-development journey to become your best version.

Identifying Passion

With a systematic passion test, you can find out each & every detail about your passion & purpose. And plan your all act according to it.  

Stress Control

To accomplish your all goals & work, and for your good health & peace, stress control is important. We will give you the right framework for this.

Problem Solving

We face ups & downs in our life. To live a happy life right mindset for problem-solving is needed, so you can solve any of your problems.

Growth Career

Whether you are in a job, or product maker, or a service provider, your growth depends on some principles, & you will learn a growth mindset.

Hi! I’m Riya

Introducing Riya, a highly accomplished Life, Money Manifestation & Business Coach and the esteemed Founder of Ultimate Life Designer. With a passion for helping women transform their lives, Riya guides them in attracting abundance and enhancing their overall well-being through time-tested manifestation techniques. 

Intriguingly, Riya specializes in assisting women in designing or redesigning their lives, even in the face of apparent limitations such as lack of resources, time, support, employment, or consistency. Through her unwavering guidance, Riya equips her clients with the necessary tools and strategies to transcend these challenges and create a fulfilling and prosperous existence.

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